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Spotify, the unlimited music-streaming service, has added Spotify Apps to its Mac and Windows desktop software. These apps build on Spotify’s multi-million song catalog to bring recommendations, lyrics and reviews right there within Spotify itself. It’s pretty great.

To try the new apps you’ll need to grab the preview version of Spotify. The first thing you’ll notice is that the What’s New section which pops up on launch has had a big redesign. Ignore that and hit the App Finder icon in the sidebar.

You’ll see a familiar, Apple App Store-like list, right now containing just 11 apps. These run from a simple list of reviews with linked songs (the Guardian) through lyrics (TuneWiki) to full-on playlist generators (Moodagent). Just click to install.

This last, Moodagent, lets you build a playlist either by picking your mood, or by dragging a song into the app. It then build a “song curve” which shows how the mood changes throughout the list. You can tweak this curve, making the list build and build, or get angrier or happier. It’s fun to use.

My favorite, though, is the app from We Are Hunted, which just gives you a grid of emerging artists (you can also choose mainstream artists, or a specific genre). Just click to play, and sample new music. There’s already a great iOS-tuned webpage that does the same thing (I have it saved to my iPad’s home screen). The difference here is that if you like an artist, you can listen to all their music right there in Spotify.

Spotify says that more apps are on the way. “Lots of them,” in fact. As someone who pretty much listens to the same old things over and over, I’m pretty excited by this.

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