Building and learning is the new requirements gathering

Building and learning is the new requirements gathering

For the last 13 years I’ve literally been in a mode I like to call Flying by The Seat of My Pants. It’s not remotely original I admit, but most of my professional career has been spent working things out. This usually means beginning before I have any clue what the outcome might be.

Recently I came into contact with a phrase that over the years has become something that really puts me on high alert: requirements gathering. I want to be clear and say that I have no ill will towards those who gather requirements, and this is clearly an incredibly important skillset in so many organizations.

The problem I have with requirements gathering is this — if you can start working on the project now, learn as your building, deliver a quick MVP and iterate — do this. If your project requires more details to be worked out ahead of time, go ahead and gather requirements.

Build something. Learn. Iterate.

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